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Where is the first place I go to look for a cruise for my client?

After qualifying* your client (preferred cruise line, ports, dates, budget per person), you can check:

  1. CruisePro (by logging in to AgentUniverse.com and go to Book It tab)
  2. Cruise lines Travel Agent website (see Suppliers page for links)
  3. Call the cruise line’s Reservations phone number directly

Hot Tip:  You can sign up for VacationstoGo.com.  Yes, they are a travel agency but their cruise line search is easy to navigate.  DON’T EVER BOOK THERE!  Just use a personal email address to sign up and use their search.  Once you’ve found the cruise you want, you can then start pricing through our suppliers.

* If you’d like to use this form in your business, sign up for CognitoForms.  Once signed up, open the link above while signed in and select Try It Now.  The form will be added to YOUR account.  Be sure  to edit it to reflect your business name.

Where do we look to see where we can get into someone else’s group?

Go to the cruise lines booking engine. The rate codes will tell you if it’s a group under our agency.

Never, EVER, just add your individual booking to someone else’s group.  You must get permission from the agent holding the group reservation.

If you have doubts or are questioning, you can post a request in our Private Facebook Group to see if a particular cruise/sail date has been reserved as a group by another agent, you may call the cruise line directly to find out who the agent is or you can contact us by calling us at 561-447-8869.

How do we form a group on a cruise line?

Call the Group Reservations number for the cruise line. Make sure you ask what quantifies a group and get as much information as you can regarding any limits or restrictions. i.e.  How many cabins can I hold? Amount of deposit for each cabin? Due dates?  Amenities offered?

Group types:

  1. Promotional – you pick a cruise line / sail date and start promoting
  2. Affinity – a group that has a theme or interest in common (your garden club, your family reunion, etc.)
  3. Incentive – usually corporate entities create these groups where employees/marketing executives/sales personnel WIN by reaching certain goals to be entitled to go on  this cruise.
  4. Meetings/Retreats – business related trips meant to teach/mastermind/self-improve, e
I don’t’ understand rate codes – do we have to learn what each one is?

Each rate code is different. You must read each rate code to see what rules apply and make sure client is qualified for that rate. You don’t’ need to memorize them, you just need to read them and understand whether your clients qualify for this rate.

Amenities – I’m a little confused. Are there amenities for EVERY booking?

1. Amenities are only for groups – unless promotional from cruise line (like NCL)

2. You assign amenities for the whole group. Make sure you, as the TC, put in the amenities before someone comes into your group because if THEY are ASKED, “your amenities aren’t yet assigned…would you like to”…and they do, what they want for their clients will apply to the WHOLE group.

What are Tour Conductor Credits?

Tour Conductor credits (TCC) are given to member of a group designated as that group’s leader and who might have played a key role in bringing the group together for the tour.  This could be YOU or it could be a client of yours that is the leader of the group.

TCC can be used in one of the following ways:

1. They can be assigned as credit to the group leader (incentive to  gather a group)

2. They can be distributed amongst the cabins so that you can get a better rate for the whole group

3. You, as the Travel Agent who put the group together as a promotional group, can use it ourselves and go on THAT cruise with them. (You may also use #1 and #2 above to “market” the cruise.

4. You,  as the Travel Agent who put the group together as a promotional group, can just take it as commission.  Keep in mind that if you take it as commission you will get your regular commission amount based on your membership level.


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