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Can I have independent contractors working under me?

While we have the ability for you to add sub-agents to your business, we will require that you at least have one year in the business with at least $50,000 in sales before we will allow you to have sub-agents. We recommend that you have a solid foundation for a business before taking on the added responsibility of managing others.  We also advise that you fully understand TESS, our CRM system as you will need it to understand how to pay your sub-agents. Remember, when you have sub-agents they are part of YOUR business and you must be able to manage and guide them as well.

Their volume will be tracked separately, but will roll-up to you. We pay you, and then you pay them.  We suggest you have a contract in place for each sub agent.

When you are ready to hire sub agents, give our office a call and we can assist you in setting that up.

Can I operate my business under my own company name?

Yes.  Your company name will show up on any branded marketing collateral and on some co-branded websites with our suppliers.

We highly recommend that you become incorporated.  Speak to your accountant or attorney as to which entity might be best for you but if you need assistance in getting incorporated, we have a preferred vendor that we use to get this done for you.  Please call our office at 561-447-8869 ext. 204 to discuss.

Are there training or mentoring programs available to inexperienced/new agents?

There is already existing training provided by TESS, our CRM tool developers, the Learning Management System provided by our consortium, Travel Leaders Network as well as outside learning resources such as The Travel Agent Academy, Travel Agent University and The Travel Institute.  You’ll find a list of options under our Training tab.

We are also adding our own training as we grow.  If you need help with anything in particular, remember that you can always contact us at the office at 561-447-8869 or email us at support@elitetraveltap.com for answers.

Do I retain ownership of my clients after I leave?

Your clients and information pertaining to your clients belong to you.  Should you end your contract with us, you will have until the end of your billing cycle to retrieve and information you may need.

If you need help exporting or downloading information, please let us know and we will guide you.


How are my bookings sent to Elite's accounting department for payment?

All of your bookings (and those of your sub agents if you have them) must be entered into our CRM.  This is where all of your bookings are recorded and verified. All bookings must be entered within 48 hours to avoid any issues that may arise with a vendor.  Failure to input your bookings within 48 hours may result in a $25 administrative fee.

How often do I get paid?

Agent commission checks are processed every 2nd and 4th Friday of each month.  They are sent through our bank to yours at end of business that Friday and should appear at your bank institution within 2 business days.  Every bank is different so you’ll need to check with yours to find out their processing times.  Please do not call the office unless it is beyond 3 business days and you have not received your commission.  Always check with your bank first to see if it was received on their end before calling our office.  The problem may be a local bank issue rather than an issue on our side.

You will see the commissions owed to you in your CRM.

Agents are paid on their commissions following 1) receipt of payment from the vendor AND 2) after the client travel has begun.  You will then be paid on whatever the next commission processing day is following those two events.  At this time we do not have a system in place to take back commissions for things such as trip cancellations so in order to avoid the need to do that, we wait until the clients trip has taken place.  We hope to change that in the near future as we improve our systems and processes.

How does Elite track my commissions?

All commissions are tracked based on your entered bookings into TESS, our CRM.  That is why it is important that you ALWAYS enter the correct booking numbers (multiple if you are booking with multiple vendors for one trip.  We then match up the booking numbers when we receive commission checks from vendors.

Should a commission that is due to you not be sent in a commission check, more than likely we couldn’t match the numbers.  It is YOUR responsibility to enter these correctly and to follow up.  We will not hunt you down nor do research.  The funds will sit until you claim them.

You will have the ability to see your past commissions and commissions due as well as certain reporting functions.  If you need a custom report, please contact us at support@EliteTravelTAP.com

Do I need Errors & Omissions insurance?

We provide our agents coverage under our policy which you can request a copy of by emailing support@EliteTravelTAP.com.  While we provide $1,000,000 in coverage, we will always advise you to speak to your own insurance agent or attorney to make sure you are fully covered, as everyone’s business and circumstance is different.

Can I join Elite if I do NOT live in the United States?

At this time, we require that all of our agents are U.S. citizens with U.S. Based addresses.

Do you have a leads program to help me find new clients?

While we do provide you with a listing on our main website, you will also be added to Travel Leaders Network directory for those looking for travel agents in certain areas or with certain specialties.  We recommend that you take as many online course as you can to attain certifications which will make you much more attractive to those seeking knowledgeable travel agents.  We have available resources for learning in our Training LMS.

Do you provide me with a consumer website customized for my agency?

At this time, we do not provide websites.  However, we have a recommended source that works with us that can provide you with website options.

Please contact us at support@EliteTravelTAP.com for more info on how to obtain these services.

Where can I go if I have questions and its after hours?

Our Home Team is available 9am-6pm on weekdays if you want to call the office.  After hours, you can email support@EliteTravelTAP.com or visit our Private Facebook support group which is ONLY for our independent travel agents.

The Facebook group is fully monitored by our Elite staff.  Any time you have a question that you need answers to, there will be others there to support you.  If you haven’t yet joined, please go to https://facebook.com/groups/TeamEliteTravelLounge.


Do we have E&O Insurance?

Yes. As an independent contractor you are covered under our E&O Insurance for $1,000,000 per claim with a $500 deductible for each claim.  If you’d like a copy of this coverage, you may request it from newagent@EliteTravelTAP.com.

We highly suggest that since each business is different, you discuss any additional coverage you may need with an professional insurance advisor or your attorney.


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