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Important Notes & Tips

  • When researching prices, it is a good idea to look at​​ various​​ resources before giving your final quote. ​​ Some good places to check:

  • Expedia TAAP – to research published airfares and make sure you are providing the best price for the client. ​​ The worst thing that could happen is a client finds a price better than your themselves on an OTA.

  • VacationstoGo.com – for looking up cruises prior to selecting the right one. ​​ This is another agency so DO NOT BOOK WITH THEM and DO NOT compare prices. ​​ This is merely a good resource to look for the ships/cruising dates for cruises.

  • CruisePro – by going to AgentUniverse.com you can search and book cruises.

  • AirPrimePro – access through AgentUniverse.com. Search for airfares

  • PinSIGHT – another tool provided through AgentUniverse.com for hotels.

  • Centrav – is an air consolidator that provides you with many options.

  • TripPro – is another air tool that pulls in prices from 4 different air consolidators (include C&H) and​​ can​​ also​​ provide you with hotel quotes.

  • Once you get the feel for your resources, you'll start to see which offer you the best prices. ​​ Sometimes it depends on time of year, sometimes it depends on departure city of your client.

  • When researching packages and tours, look for the suppliers that specialize in the location you are looking for.

  • CRITICALLY IMPORTANT:  You must forward both the invoice created by your CRM and the client version of the vendors invoice to the client immediately upon receipt as these documents contain critically important information and disclosures.

  • CURRENCY:  All transactions must be made in USD.

  • As an independent contractor using Elite Travel's credentials, you are never permitted to take cash or checks from anyone to pay for their bookings. ​​ Payment is by THEIR credit card only. ​​ Never use your own. ​​ It is against Florida Seller of Travel Exemption certificate. If you have any questions regarding this, please contact the office at 561-447-8869. ​​ The​​ liability on this is tremendous and not covered under your Errors & Omissions Insurance.

  • The filing of the​​ FL Seller of Travel​​ Independent Sales Agent Statement of Exemption​​ form can be filed​​ online​​ and is required by EVERYONE to​​ apply. Whether you live in Florida or not, whether you have clients here or not. ​​ NO EXCEPTIONS. ​​ This must be completed and paid for yearly at a cost of $50​​ per year and there are fines for NOT doing so​​ 


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