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How to Process a Booking

  • Create a client profile in your​​ CRM

  • Call the vendor and put a hold on the specific travel package requested by client.

  • Be sure to confirm all information and options such as successful application of payment, spelling of names, ship/property, sailing/travel date, cabin, category/room type, dining times, bed arrangements, special requests, etc.

  • Create a proposal for all of the quotes you've received. ​​ Remember, limit these to your best 2 or 3. ​​ You can create a proposal from within the CRM by going to Trips and selecting Proposal from the drop down in the upper right corner. ​​ *See training in the CRM.

  • When sending proposals​​ to your clients, it is suggested you use the following wording somewhere in the email or proposal itself.

1.​​ Please check the spelling of the name as listed below. This must match your passport or legal ID. ​​ If a correction needs to be made, we can change prior to issuing the ticket without penalty. ​​ After ticketing, no changes are allowed to the name. That may result in having to cancel and re-book, thereby resulting in penalties and any changes in prices.

2. Some airlines do charge for pre-reserved seats. If you are interested in getting a pre-reserved seat assignment, let us know your preference and we'll look to see if there are any additional fees.​​ 

3. If this reservation is set to your satisfaction, please reply back to me with an authorization stating your approval using the Reservation # assigned to that quoted booking. ​​ You will then be sent a form for your credit card info and we'll immediately apply your payment and tickets will be issued.​​ 

NOTE: Some banks & credit card companies will deny charges if the purchase seems unusual or paying a vendor internationally, you must inform your bank FIRST before we put through the payment to make sure of a successful payment. ​​ If a payment does not go through the first time, any reservations on hold may be forfeited and have to be reissued which may result in a higher price. Additionally, if there is a daily limit on the card, there will also be a problem submitting the payment. The problem can be avoided if the cardholder makes them aware before purchasing. It is YOUR responsibility to make sure this is covered BEFORE I make your purchase for you.


  • Before calling in payment, make sure you have IN WRITING, the client's approval that they reviewed proposal for mistake.

  • Get credit card information from client.

  • You can get credit card authorization by using the CRM. (See Training provided in CRM or email​​ support@elitetraveltap.com​​ with questions). Due to security and PCI compliance issues, we cannot ask the client for the CVV in the same correspondence as the credit card. We suggest that you either call the client following receive of the form electronically to get the CVV code OR you may also use a hard copy of a credit card authorization form to send to the client which they must fill out and sign and then send back via fax. ​​ Sending back via email would NOT be PCI compliant as the form would contain the CVV and Credit Card number and be retained in your email system. ​​ If you have any questions about this, please email us.​​ 

  • Another option is to ask the client to send over a copy of the back of the card only...this shows last 4 digits of the card (which you can and should confirm) along with the CVV.

  • You will need the credit card number, type, ccv from the back of the card, the billing address, and the name as it appears on the card for every transaction.

  • Call vendor or use vendor’s website to apply payment.

  • Be sure to reconfirm all information pertaining to the booking including spelling of names, ship/property, sailing/travel date, cabin, category/room type, dining times, bed arrangements, special requests, etc.

  • Obtain vendor confirmation if available from their website.

  • Update your records by entering payments made by client and any notes, etc. in the CRM.

  • Create an Invoice for your client in the CRM and send both your invoice plus that of the vendor along with any related vendor documents and instructions for client. ​​ Be sure you are sending the client the Passenger copy and NOT the Agency copy (which shows your commission). ​​ Double and triple check before hitting that SEND button.

  • Next submit the booking/trip using the CRM within 48 hours of making the booking.  Failure to do so may result in a $25 fee charged by Elite Travel I.C. We need to know about the booking immediately in case we are contacted by the vendor with a problem.


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